Three Ways to Find Motivation

                    Three ways to find motivation

In our everyday routine, we find situations, people, and possessions letting us down. It is easy to allow these negative thoughts to demotivate us. Here are three simple ways to find our motivation again.

Remembering your why:

In Hawaii, there is a hike called Kokohead. Now, Kokohead is a challenging hike, and many people will do this for the sheer exercise value.  The funny aspect of this hike is the start; it invites you in with a promise of a gradual climb.  The key is the last 200 meters when your heart is racing, legs are burning, and the creeping sensation of quitting crosses your mind. Once you pass those final steps, you reach the top. You are greeted with satisfaction and the yellows, reds, and blues of the sky.

Goals are much like Kokohead; they start off easy and enjoyable with the subtle views of what to come. The last part of the goal is inevitably involved. The path is littered with those who stop 200 meters short. We must remind ourselves why. Unavoidably, our paths have its easy and challenging periods. Our why or purpose will carry us through.

We can put this into action by writing our whys down. Try out the example below:

Bodybuilding Show:

 WHY- To challenge myself to grow.  To conquer my insecurities about my body. To prove to myself and my level of commitment.

Taking time off:

In the Army, active duty Soldiers are paid salary. We work regular work hours, but there is always the possibility of longer days. Sadly, most Soldiers do not take their accrued days off. These Soldiers end up in a position of losing days off. On average, the loss is somewhere between thirty to fifty days. I am sure, if we were to poll ten businesses on their utilization of time off it would be somewhere around fifty percent. Meaning, half of a given companies’ employees are not taking days off outside of weekends.

Mental fatigue sets in quickly when working two hundred and seventy days (give or take ten) out of the year.  We must take these days off to find a balance. I used to be a part of the fifty percent who were not utilizing their time off. I can remember thinking, and I would be looked at poorly or open the door for people to outshine me.

What I found was the complete opposite. I came back from my time off re-energized and thinking clearly. Not taking this time off put me too close to my work and compounding errors within my projects. By taking the time allotted, I quickly out-shined my previous efforts.

Maximize your time off; it will help you find balance in your life. This will boost your motivation tenfold, allowing you to raise your output.

Taking action:

No matter what we read, we must act. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”  Acting is key to motivation. When we start to act, we gain momentum. As the goals start to fall, we start to see the fruits of our labor.  Throughout history no one person has ever succeeded without taking action.

Start with a goal that only requires you acting upon something. Some ideas would be going on hiking in a particular timeframe or signing up for a class. Just act.

I hope to see you on the path…