Motivational tips

Motivational tips

Most of us often find ourselves demotivated and stuck in a motivation-less hole and to get out of that zone we need to work harder. At times it would be like a continuous cycle where we are motivated for some time but challenges and circumstances force us to drop the motivation in us and after a level of difficulty we would get back up. Instead of letting this cycle go on, is it possible for us to maintain our self-motivation all the time?

Yes it is!!! All you need to do is follow these simple tips to keep yourself motivated.


Appreciate yourself first:

Whenever motivation is lost in you, think of all the positive things you have done in the past and think of the great experiences you have had. Remember all the adverse times you have been through and yet you battled your way out of it. Appreciating yourself for your achievements is a great motivational tool.


Get yourself a deal:

This tip helps you in getting your work done. Tell yourself once you finish the work on time, you will get yourself a good treat and give yourself some soul rejuvenating time. Let’s say, if you complete the report work on time, you will go for a walk to the park and buy a double scooped ice-cream.


Create the future you want:

Do not think about the bad things that happened in the past, but do consider that as an experience for a better future. Because they hold vital lessons for us. Plan and work on the future you want to see by staying focused, working hard and being happy, no matter where things are turning.


Use your creativity:

Read, learn, study things around you and try to take in everything you can. This way, the more you get to know things, the more confident you become about your surroundings.


Be around positive:

Try to be around people who have positive attitude and who are happy to keep people around them filled with positivity. This way, you will subconsciously feeding yourself some positive motivation. It can be anything, even text messages with your best friend, or a video call with your grandmother. Sometimes, even these short yet happy conversations can do the trick.


Avoid getting over stressed:

Keeping yourself motivated becomes a heavy challenge when you are easily prone to stress. Though there are stress that brings the positivity in you, helping you reach your work goals easily, There are negative stress as well were it will not just tamper your work, but will also leave your mind scarred. So, avoid getting stressed. You can easily choose to do so.


Deal with your loans:

Studies have shown that people who are under debt show more signs of stress and eventually lose all their motivation. So understand few things here. Going for a loan was a necessity at that particular time of your life. And a part of your salary will go to that, so what you can do is, stay positive, plan your savings and salary to clear your debts. Do this while you still stay happy and motivated. Don’t let that debt take your happiness as the interest.


Take the Positivity Challenge:

Learn to think more positively all the time. Let go of negative threads of thought before they have a chance to bring you down. Most of us can improve on our positive thinking just by thinking positively, no matter what happens or what situation you’re in, calmly, think of the positive things that can come out of the situation you’re in.


Write that down:

You have been wanting that SUV for a long time now, but you’ve also been forgetting about it because of too much work. Don’t let stress bug you down. Do not forget what can make you happy. Write it down, tape it on your bathroom walls. Put that as your computer background screen. Keep yourself reminded about the dream. Work hard for it. And one day when you get what you want, all that hard work and struggle would seem like it was worth it.


Do not fear to fail:

Failure is natural, not every time can one win. So consider failure as your feedback form. Let that be the stepping stone of your life. Learn from what went wrong. Try again and this time, try to avoid things that failed you. And you will watch yourself succeed like no one else have.