Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs

During the late medieval period of 15th to 17th century, a psychiatric disorder swept through Europe. Wherein, many people believed that they were made out of glass and would shatter into pieces with even the slightest of contact. This order was later named the “Glass delusion” and was duly recorded in the research journal History of Psychiatry. Now the reason why this story was shared with you was those people who believed they would be broken down to pieces changed their lifestyle completely. They would lock themselves inside the house and cut all contacts from the outside.


That being the medieval period, we now know it was such a nonsensical thing to believe in by those people. But do you realize, you carry the same notion in your head. Things you think are limiting yourself from living a great life and achieving great things.


I will be judged:

No matter who the person is or how inspiring he/she may be, there will always be contradicting people trying to tear them down. You are no different, as people will judge you for your actions no matter what you do. So the best solution to tackle this is to embrace what you are and what you do. Let them judge while you win your races.


I lack motivation:

Ask yourself a question “Do I really lack motivation or am I just burned out?” Most of the times it’s the environment you are in makes you feel like you lack motivation. People who don’t cheer you up, no matter what good things you do, you never get appreciated for it. No matter how hard you work, things would feel like it would never come to an end. These sort of things would make people feel that they are no good and would leave them feeling drained and unsupported. Examine yourself, check what exactly is the problem, is the problem with you or the circumstances and act accordingly.


I don’t have time:

Let me share this quote by Lao Tzu, “Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.’” Perhaps the real issue is that you don’t really want to change. Maybe you are too comfortable in the zone that you have built around you. So deep inside your mind you don’t want to change things and use time as an excuse. Or you have put your legs on too many wrong boats that you don’t see why and how important some changes are.


I will get my heart broken:


Most people don’t want to be rejected and that’s the reason they don’t try. Maybe trying to fall in love, working on a relationship, trying to get a job in a company you always wanted to work or working on something you always dreamed about. How would you know if you will succeed or not unless you try? Yes, there are chances things may not work the way you wanted it to work, but that’s the beauty of life, you never know when and how it can surprise you. What if things worked!!! Get out of that comfort walls you have built around you and TRY.


I don’t have enough experience:

Then get some.

As simple as it sounds. Most of the times the reason why we limit ourselves are for reasons that could have been easily tackled. Using lack of experience as an excuse to not do things you want to simply shows your lack of interest in that subject. So first identify if you really want to pursue the things you want, if yes, then work for it. Fruit tastes more sweeter when you have worked on it.