How To Stay Positive and Develop Your Power

How To Stay Positive and Develop Your Power

The Power of Positive Attitude:
Over the years, positive thinking has proven to cast a net of happiness in our lives.  Data has demonstrated that positive people have a longer lifespan over individuals with a negative attitude. Positive thinking people are more cheerful and have fewer physical complaints.

How to stay positive:
Being positive is not about ignoring the bad parts of life. It is about finding the positive in spite of all the bumps. While it might seem impossible, it can be achieved with a few simple steps.

Controlling your inner thoughts:
Do not let your mind wander towards negative feelings. Each one of us has an internal monologue throughout our day. This internal speech ranges from simple tasks to reacting to other people. We must take these thoughts captive and change the narrative.

Imagine two guards around your thoughts, when a negative thought enters the guards step in and change perspective. We must have faith in ourselves and abilities. Hunt the positive.

Envision a great future and write it down:

Writing down helps you absorb ideas in a better manner. So take some time out to envision a positive outcome, a brighter future and then write it down.

Every lousy phase has a silver lining. Look for it:

Stop dwelling in the past. Let go of it and concentrate on the present. Think of all that you have learned. We learn the most from bad experiences. The genuine silver lining in failures is in which you have grown, the new skills you acquired, and the people we met.

Be grateful:

While it is simpler to cry over all the bad things in your life, we have to find time to be thankful.  Try to notice and appreciate all the positives in your life, no matter how small. Savor the tiny things that make you happy and share them with people you love.

Connect with like-minded people:

Healthy social connections help you to
-    Increase the happiness quotient in your life
-    Have better health
-    Live a longer life
Take some time to find a group of people that understand and appreciate you. People who make you feel valued and are there to listen.

 Healthy habits:
Bad habits foster negativity. Adopting good practices like eating healthily, foregoing harmful addictions, and exercising every day. These small changes will boost your energy and your mood.

Take help if required:

There is no shame in admitting that you need help. We all need help from time to time. Arnold Schwarzenegger said "There are no such things as a self-made man or women. We all need help from other to achieve a good life."

 Developing and Preserving Personal Power

One of the least understood aspects of human ability is self-power.  Personal power is the ability to achieve what you want. It is dynamic and comes from being in control of your life, achieving your goals, and influencing others.  While it may root in multiple facets of your life, its sole outcome is to make you happy.

How to preserve personal power:

  Don’t waste energy and time complaining. Venting is an excellent way to let out negative energy. We must be mindful of allowing it to turn into complaining. Complaining drains you by concentrating on the problem rather than solving it.

Learn accountability:
Take responsibility for your own emotions. Do not let others have the power to sway your mood or feelings. We may not be able to control other peoples actions, but we can control our reactions. Emotions can cause us to lash out or shy away.

If we recognize our feelings and accept them, we will be able to better react to situations.

Some boundaries are healthy:
While isolating yourself isn’t a good idea, creating healthy limits are an excellent way to preserve personal power. Boundaries put you back in the drives seat.
It's easy to feel taken advantage of and used. This is why having personal boundaries in your life helps. It allows you time to reflect and reassess situations.

Holding a grudge is a drain on you and your body. Forgiving people allows you to let go of negative energy. It doesn’t make their actions correct, but it helps you enjoy your life without interference.

Do not play the victim:
Stop playing the victim. It is just a wastage of your personal power. Acknowledge your part in the problem and rectify it.

How to Develop Personal Power

 Be yourself:
Don’t try to change yourself just to fit in. There is nothing wrong with standing out as long as you believe in yourself.

Gain knowledge:
Reading biographies or watching movies is an excellent way to inspire yourself. Real life accounts of people who have fared well against all odds is a great way to expand your positive thoughts.

Vision board:
A vision board is where you put up pictures of what you would like to do, own or be in the future. It provides a visual reminder of goals you are pursuing.

Embrace change:
Do not resist change, embrace it and become a part of it. Resisting depletes your power while accepting it enhances it.

I hope to see you on the path....