Four Ways to Refocus At Work

Four Ways to Refocus At Work

Work can feel as if it is on repeat and become harder and harder to concentrate. Especially when you are battling the Monday Blues or the Friday Fever. Not to mention the days when you find it impossible to get any job done. Peripheral disturbances of phone calls, meetings, office chatter, and emails pressing you to answer them without delay.

 The distractions not only untether your focus but you feel your quality of work slipping as if held by water.  While a quiet place with absolutely no distractions is ideal, it is also imaginary in this day and age. Given the close units we work in and a million devices around, distraction is a constant companion.

So, until you can get a secluded office devoid of distractions, here are four simple ways to regain your focus at work.

 Some Quiet Time and Place:

Every workplace has a room or nook where it is quiet and peaceful. These rooms tend to be in the corner or off the beaten path. So, grab a corner conference room early in the morning or a place hidden away to squeeze in an hour of quiet time with your work. Even your desk an hour before the office starts will shield you from the distractions. You will be surprised at the amount you can get done in just an hour.
Instead of leaving later to the office, try to arrive at your work an hour early. Finish up whatever was pending from the day before, catch up on all your emails and other correspondence, breathe a little, get a cup of coffee and get ready to face the day.

Lists are Your Best Friends:

Lists are a favorite with high achievers. Lists may seem time-consuming; however, it been proven to free up time. Compartmentalize your work and schedule it for the entire day. Make a record of what needs to be accomplished and stick to it. You can build on your regular to-do list to add a priority section.
There are many apps available today, or a personal favorite is a simple piece of paper.
 Updating your lists and modify it continuously. Not only will be able to visually see what you completed, but you feel a sense of fulfillment.

Time management:

It is essential you manage your time well. Ensure you avoid any distractions during work hours. Prioritizing tasks due to time sensitivity will keep you from missing suspenses. We must guard our time and make the best of it.
So, say no to the colleague who wants to catch up during your productive hours and schedule it for later. A simple tool is to bring your headphones into work. You do not have to listen to anything. By having your headphones in, it makes individuals ask themselves if bothering you is essential.

 Finishing your work within the office hours is crucial. Carrying work home or staying late to finish is not a sign of productivity. While occasions are requiring these actions, don’t make a habit of it.

Media Blockade:

While some offices today might forbid the use of social media sites, others may be more relaxed. You control how much usage of social media sites. A technique is to schedule a 15-20 minutes blackout of social media. Another suggestion is to disable these sites or put a timer on them.

The most important way to refocus is to take breaks away from your desk. Staying chained to your desk isn’t doing you any good. Get some fresh air, take a snack break or stretch. Some time away from your work will help you focus better on it.

I hope to see you on the path...