How Losers Are Created and How to Get Over the Loser Attitude!

How Losers Are Created and How to Get Over the Loser Attitude!

Calling someone a loser isn’t nice. However, we have all known or met someone who fits the bill. For clarity, let’s first define a loser. A loser –

  • Has no ambition or goal in life

  • Resents other’s achievements

  • Demotivates you

While some people give up on life, others lose their will to live. Either way, nobody wants to be a loser.

In case you find yourself slipping towards loserville, you might want to take a closer look at life and make some positive changes to make it work instead.

The point to remember is that nobody is born a loser. A person usually becomes a loser when:

-He experiences major failure in life and hits rock bottom.

-He gives up control. While most of us believe in a higher power or a blueprint of life, we are still able to exercise control over our lives through our decisions and responses. However, a loser lets the circumstances get the better of him and define his future.

-He becomes overly negative. We all lose hope when things go wrong, but when you can never find anything positive in life anymore, you lose the sense of appreciation for what you already have.

-He adopts a selfish way of life. When you think only of yourself and consider everyone else to be a problem, you should realise, you have hit rock bottom.

-He stops taking responsibility. Instead of being accountable for their actions, losers usually shirk away responsibility and stop doing anything to better it.

If you do not want to become the resident of Loser city, take action in your life.

1. Love yourself

It is very important that you have a healthy self-esteem to help you sail through life. Over-confidence or less confidence can also harm a person. Dress well. Smile. Try to find areas where you can improve yourself.

2. Find what you love

Find some time for your hobbies and interests. There will be something which you are good at. Indulge in that to keep your mind refreshed!

3. Love your life

Take charge of your life. Stop depending on someone else to make decisions. And once you start making your own decisions, stick to them and take responsibility for them.

4. Stay Healthy

Try to stick to a healthier diet and exercise daily to awaken and nourish the beauty within.

5. Excel in your field

Whether you are in school or have a job, give it your 100%. Having something to focus in your life is a good way of taking charge. At the end, you need to feel content with your work.

6. Make good Friends

Surround yourself with confident, happy people who can teach you a thing or two. People who will support you without any judgement and also help find your way back can be great!

7. Plan for your future

Having no aim in life is a sure way of vanishing into oblivion. Have some plan; have back-ups if necessary. Work towards a certain point in life and enjoy the journey.

8. Be socially aware

Step away from the devices once to look around. The people, the places and even the food you are eating deserve your attention. Think selflessly. Contribute something to society’s future. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture. Do what you can!

9. Find a purpose

Seek out your purpose as you waddle away in your life!

10. Breathe

Finally, relax. Have fun.