5 Ways to Kickstart Your Morning and Rule Your Day

5 Ways to Kickstart Your Morning and Rule Your Day

Very few people probably jump out of the bed at the break of dawn every morning and sail through the day without a glitch.

But sleepyheads as we are! Most of us love to set multiple alarms, snooze through them and snuggle up for the last five minutes. While it is definitely bliss, it doesn’t set a great tone for the day to come. I personally have seen how my mood fluctuates between days when I wake up at the right time and the days when I practically turn up a jelly-legged sleep-ball!   

People who have mastered the way of kick starting their day with the right attitude are a way happier lot!

Here are 5 effective ways I found out to kickstart mornings in the right way!

1. Wake up:

Do not fall into the trap of a snooze button. Instead of setting multiple alarms which never work, set exactly two; one when you intend to wake up and another one when you absolutely must. Don’t set unrealistic goals and start slow. Start with waking up just a half an hour earlier than your previous day or week. Gradually, your body clock will adjust and voila! you will get a good start to your day!

2. The night before

Planning to wake up early? Then make sure you get a good sound sleep the night before! Also, try to get your things ready the night before; for instance, iron your clothes or get your lunch prep ready. This will save you time and energy, thus, helping you glide through it rather than scurry around.

3. Me time

You know, a bit of ‘me-time’ may be spent in reading a book, meditating, exercising or just enjoying a cup of your favorite brew. Before you head out into the world and tackle your day, compose your thoughts and do something that refreshes your mind for the day! This is also a great time in case you love to read journal. Remember, writing about your previous day gives you a good perspective about how you want to spend the day ahead.

4. Something new

Taking up a new hobby might set your mood in the right path for the day! It can be anything which relaxes your mind or boosts it up! Keep trying innovative activities so that your day, no matter how tiring it proves, keeps you going!

5. Plan ahead

To-do lists are a great way to organize your day. These perky little fun things work great as mini planners for your entire day! Even if your day ahead is a chaotic one, a to-do list will always keep you grounded and calm.

Hurrying! Scurrying!

Not anymore! Try out some of these ways so that you whisk away smoothly in the tide of chaos which obviously a day can bring! So, take a deep breath and keep calm!